Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from a different kind of park.  Out west you get great images of peaks and cliffs and sky and other things in the distance in huge, stark relief.   Go east, however, and the trees get thicker and the world gets greener, and everything is more close up.  The mountains aren't as high, either, but the forest has its own charms to make up for that.

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Where Fairy Tales Come to Life...
deepwoods.jpg (73119 bytes) fairytalewoods.jpg (106644 bytes) trollhideout.jpg (90562 bytes) oldchimney1.jpg (104000 bytes)
Deep in the dark, mysterious forest... With mossy logs and ancient trees... Trolls lie in wait for unwary travellers... Wicked hags hunt for children to bake...
ghostflowers.jpg (60081 bytes) magicmushroom.jpg (91059 bytes) walkingtree.jpg (89805 bytes) talkingtree.jpg (71921 bytes)
Pale ghostly flowers rise where tears of the dead have fallen... Magic mushrooms grow in secret corners... Among trees that walk... And trees that talk...
brokentree.jpg (96756 bytes) redsquirrel.jpg (86615 bytes) mossyhollow.jpg (98483 bytes) nymphpool.jpg (94334 bytes)
And markers that point the way... Down the path your guide will lead you... Through mossy gnome hollows... Past pools where nymphs go to bathe...
ramseycascadeswide.jpg (84480 bytes) mistyvalley.jpg (82741 bytes)
And waterfalls that linger in dreams... To the misty green valley far, far away.

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